Random Thoughts

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I have a few moments left for myself to find words that I want to write about, and to explore the thoughts that I wish to express.  But I realize that it does not come so easy, and so what I have now are mere random thoughts.

 It has indeed been a while since I had the time to be in solitude, and for now I would simply like to take this moment to feel the quiet and let my thoughts wander freely.

 I have made blogs before which were usually about the events that we organized or about milestones of the cafe that I handled then, but I have never wrote a blog about my own thoughts or emotions. 

Writing blogs for Rafa’s deli+cafe back then was an outlet for my creative writing, and when we closed it, I somehow lost a reason to write something about.  Although I am doing content writing now, somehow I miss the feeling of simply writing about something that purely comes from the heart because the emotions and the energies from expressing a passion can just make you feel so alive and renewed.

Now that I am a mom, I would like once again to have an avenue to share my thoughts and expressions, but this time maybe I would like to try to make it a bit more personal. 


One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. You read such posts and end up feeling that a stranger has penned your feelings in a way much better than you ever could. 🙂

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