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Daily Prompt: Symphony

via Daily Prompt: Symphony

A symphony of words and emotions stir inside me,

but like thoughts that are lost in the sea of words,

I cannot seem to express

what is really there.

Then I am simply left wondering…



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One Foggy Winter Day

via Daily Prompt: Foggy

It was my first winter, and everything about it was so new to me.  Each time I went out, I always looked forward to whatever experience it gave me–the falling of snow and the biting cold, everything just seemed magical, and it was most especially so when one foggy morning, I was greeted by that heavy white mist.  It was simply enchanting, like there was something mysterious, and yet familiar behind it.

I marveled at its quiet beauty before I finally walked towards it so I can be one with its tranquility, and indeed it made me smile because I knew that that moment is simply mine to have.