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Life’s Daily Grind

We often get caught up with our life’s daily grind and somehow we are simply trapped in our personal webs that we do not find time anymore to appreciate the simple things around us.  Those mundane stuff that unconsciously make us feel alive like stopping to smell the flowers, feeling the wind so close to our skin or taking a break to simply see how colors blend and create a perfect picture.

Sometimes the routines, the daily schedules and the never ending must do chores and errands hinder us from just feeling being here.  Then without you knowing it, you suddenly realize that somehow something is missing.  It is like breathing without feeling the air or eating without savoring the food. The everydayness of life sometimes seems so mechanical, and at a certain point you would just snap out and then you find yourself searching for what is real or natural or sometimes even just different.

All of us need to have a day off to unwind, to get our minds off our daily grinds because this is a way for us to keep our own sanity as well.  This can also help us get refreshed so we can once again face our realities without feeling burdened or have that sense of over familiarity of things and obligations. 

I am one of those people who tend be caught up in her own web and I am also one of those who haven’t really had a day off to just be in solitude with myself without worrying about time and just doing the stuff that also matters to me personally.  But one day though, without planning or even knowing it, I just found myself being in that certain moment, not thinking about what’s going to happen next.  Instead, I just found myself looking at the flowers, then at the horizon before me and it simply felt wonderful because I realized that you really do not have to do much, but rather you only need to pause for a while and appreciate the beauty of both nothingness and fullness.