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A new page waits to be filled with a new set of adventures as I am soon moving to another country.  This is going to be my first time to have a big move, and although I am very much looking forward to it and actually filled with so much excitement to be in a different environment, there is definitely a part of me that also contains longing.

I am still in my home country which is why the sad fragment of parting is masked, but as the day of the departure comes close day by day, I cannot help but somehow feel a tinge of nostalgia.  I have never been so far away from home, (in whichever way any one may define “home”).  But on the other hand, it has really been a very long time since I had a personal adventure, or at least has traveled far which is why I believe that this time is the perfect time for it.

I have always believed in waiting for the right time, and so with open hands, I welcome this upcoming leap.  I know this chance will not be given if it is the not ripe moment, and so once again, I would like to believe and simply have faith that I will be able to handle all the new challenges in the new country that I will soon be calling home.

There is so much to learn.  New rules to follow, different kinds of people to meet and interact with, new culture to embrace and even different seasons to be familiar with.  It will surely be all exciting.

With the fresh changes, I also wish to become a much better person, and I sincerely pray that I can cope with all the new ordeals while meeting the personal expectations that I have set.

A fresh start waiting anew, I am ready for another beginning…